Monday, October 10, 2011

Don't try to fix it yourself heating and cooling repair

Heating and air repair Mcdonough, furnace and Heating service 7 days a week at a low cost.

 I had a home owner change the circuit board himself and not tell me.I asked a few times if the board was changed he kept denying it.When I put on a new board the same model it still didn't work.
After an hour of tests we checked the manufacturer and it was the wrong board.He had put a random board on and lied to us. The model board he had on would never work that unit so a new board that model would never work. He could have saved us all time and said the board was changed. We don't live there we go with the info you give bad information will not help. I have no idea what he thought we could do with the wrong part and info.

 There have been a lot of calls where people try to fix they heating system themselves by guessing.Most replace the thermostat and it doesn't work. Then we have to fix the stat and chase down the original problem costing time and money. The worst thing is a home owner changing something and not telling us what they did.
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