Sunday, October 9, 2011

Worst furnace I ever saw

Today we went on a furnace change out estimate.I found 10 people living in a 1200sq ft house each had a 4x8 room someone had slapped together. It was a 1950 house in Atalanta the land lord wanted a new furnace. When we found  the furnace it was a 100,000 btu with only 1- 6'' return it was a peace of unwrapped flex it looked like the inner liner to a 6'' flexible duct. It should have had a 14'' and an 8'' run or two. The supply was a tin box miss shaped and siting on top.There was a few runs with a  5'' run going to a shoe box  yes a shoe box with 4 pieces of dryer vent leading one  to each room for heat.Other things wrong just kept getting worse. The flu was not on the furnace and was going up a chase touching on all sides. We refused to make this system work.The house should be gutted and start over anyone working on this with out city inspectors is a crook and is endangering the people living inside.I'm on the fence on reporting the landlord these people will have to live in a box on the street if this place is closed down.
We did give a total estimate for a complete uninstall and reinstall and only if the rooms were put back to original use and the home gets city inspection.
When I left I wished I had taken pictures.The people living there would have gotten scared if we started taking pictures.

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