Friday, December 9, 2011

Don't wait to get your furnace fixed

This furnace has a crack in the draft motor. The furnace would run for awhile and stop. When the furnace gets hot the crack expands.When it expands it changes the pressure inside the motor and the pressure switch fails. On a night in the 60's you might not even notice it. As soon as it get to 40 degrees outside the furnace will try to run but it will shut down long before the house gets warm. This crack in the motor can let carbon monoxide into the house. Running it with a crack can be dangerous. If the furnaces is over 14 years old and it needs this I would concider replacing the furnace. If it is around 7 I would replace the draft motor housing. We have a value series that is great to replace furnaces on a budget. It is sold by Lennox and has a 10 year parts warranty call for prices. We sell and replace furnaces in Henry county and now in Fayetteville also 4049524510.Henry county furnace sale 7708754113.Furnace replacements in Locust grove ga,Stockbridge and Jonesboro.

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