Friday, April 27, 2012

leaking coil can cost you a furnace,heating and a/c repair

 A frozen coil can do a lot of damage. The coil freezes if it isn't getting air flow from a dirty filter or blower motor out. Low r22 freon will also make it freeze. Turn off the unit and let it melt. If its a dirty filter the coil has to be completely thawed out or it will freeze again.
 A coil that keeps freezing is like playing roulette the water will eventually get on the circuit board and that's going to cost $350. The ice pulls the liners out of the coil and stops up the drain. The water will leak down out of the attic onto the ceiling below. The ice will make any leaks bigger. The best thing to do is replace a bad coil asap and save your ceiling or circuit board. The unit has to be Ice free to work on it so turn it off and watch for water in bad places.
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