Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Air conditioner trips breaker

We found this burned compressor wire on a call today. The breaker was tripping . We were able to add a wire this time but sometimes the terminal is burned or rusted off. With out a terminal the compressor needs replacing on older air conditioners it makes more sense to buy a new a/c unit. If wires keep burning it's time for a new one. After we replaced the wire it came on and ran fine. There is no way to tell how long it will last. For air conditioner repair near locust grove ga we are here local in Henry county. All AMERICAN AIR CONDITIONER SERVICE 3027 keeneland blvd Mcdonough ga 30253 7708754113

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  1. It may cost to much to fix your old air conditioner even if it is just the coil. Freon has doubled in price and will do it again in July.It will never be cheaper to buy or fix your air conditioner then right now. Air conditioner repair in Henry county Ga call Aaac service heating and air today. Mcdonough Stockbridge Locust grove Ga heating and cooling repair Saturday and Sunday available.


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