Friday, July 27, 2012

What made my capacitor blow out

What made my air conditioner capacitor go bad? Well the number one killer of capacitors is heat. If your air conditioner can cool itself down something has to give. The worst thing to go bad would be the compressor. Bushes trees and grass to close to the a/c will keep it from cooling down. Trim back your bushes don't hit that brown wire. A good cleaning once a year will help. Use the garden hose not a pressure sprayer. Wash all the grass and leaves out. Get those fins free from dirt. That red clay can kill an air conditioner fast. When it can't breath the pressure goes way up and it runs hot. If the compressor gets to hot it will stop working until it cools down. A few time over heating and you can loose the air conditioner. Power surges from a storm can finish off a weak capacitor. Check the wires and see that they are tight where they plug into the capacitor. A loose wire can make heat. For air conditioner repair near Mcdonough ga call Aaac service heating & cooling local 7708754113

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