Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our tools save you money

Aaac service heating and air Mcdonough Ga 7708754113. THIS TOOL SAVES YOU MONEY. This is a valve core remover. If you have a bad schrader valve that leaks feon this can fix it fast. Without this tool you will have to pay for a few hours of labor needed to pump down the system. You can't just pull the schrader out. It holds back all your freon. These valve cores leak over time. They are rubber and plastic that gets old and freon will leak out. Some servicemen put a parch on it by using a brass cap and tightening it real tight. This may work but you want it fixed right. Freon r22 has risen to $50 a pound. For air conditioner tepair near Mcdonough we service all of HENRY COUNTY GA. Locust grove and Stockbridge we can be there today. Local companies can save you money. No large overhead here we pass the savings to you. Aaac service heating and cooling Yardsley Dr Mcdonough GA 30253 7708754113. Keyword:air conditioner repair a/c wont start,ice on air conditioner,fan isn't coming on,cooling

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