Thursday, October 18, 2012

17 year old furnace , we can fix it. Aaac service heatinfg & air

October is the best time to buy a new furnace. They are on sale and heating and air companies are between seasons. With little repair jobs out there you can get a deal from a heating and cooling company trying to stay busy. We have low prices on air conditioner and furnace replacements in Henry county and Fayette county Ga. Aaac service can have your new air conditioner and furnace installed in a few hours. For a quick estimate over the phone call 7708754113 and after we ask a few details we can give you an estimate for replacement. Some people confuse this with an estimate for repair. We can give you an estimate for repair over the phone because we need to diagnose your problem in person. Our service calls are $65. This includes a 1/2 hour of labor. Small repair can be done with no extra labor but you may need to pay for a part. larger repairs like a fan motor will get an estimate once the problem is found. Aaac service heating and air 3027 Keeneland Blvd Mcdonough Ga 30252 7708754113.
This is the blower wheel from a 17 year old furnace. It was making a loud metal grinding noise. The hub came loose and was spinning with out moving the wheel. The motor was saved by turning it off at the first sign of a problem. We were able to find the proper wheel even though it was 17 years old. The new wheel,service call parts pick and labor was $290. We had to drive into down town Atlanta to pick up the part. It was fixed the same day they called. The furnace  works great now. if the motor was burned out to we would have suggested a new furnace replacement. It would have cost to much to get an old furnace working. We still would do the repairs if that is what the owners wanted. This furnace repair was in Lake Dow area of Mcdonough. If your furnace is making noise turn it off. A furnace on heat without the blower on can cause a lot of damage. Everything inside the furnace can burn. If you are unlucky it may start a fire. At 17 a furnace can be fixed sometimes its not worth fixing or not safe to keep repairing them. Older furnaces are dangerous. Fayetteville call Randy at 4049524510 for Stockbridge,Locust grove Ga and Mcdonough area call Rod at 7708754113 Our blog on Merchant circle here.
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