Tuesday, January 15, 2013

First real air conditioner call January 15th

 Yes we had   a service call for air conditioner repair. It was 73 here and made it 75 hot and hunmid inside the house. The lines to the air conditioner were frozen. We were able to fix this problem fast. Its going to be a long hot summer don't put off repairs or replacements. If you had a leak last summer and put off replacing the air conditioner you need to do it now. Prices are low the will skyrocket this spring. R22 freon reached $50 a pound last year its going up again. Don't keep filling that leaking system replace it. Aaac service heating and air is open 7 days a week. When I said first real a/c call its because we get move in inspections on air conditioners, this was a call for a/c not working. Residential heating and air in Henry county find us on Bing we are on  Google heating and air Mcdonough and even Yahoo air conditioner sale Mcdonough

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