Saturday, January 5, 2013

Gas leak in 300c fixed (Charger Magnum)

 My Chrysler 300c was leaking every time I filled the tank. I could smell the gas bad. I tracked down the leak to the seal on the fuel pump under the back seat.  The seat is snapped into place lift hard there are no screws.There was a little bit of gas on the rim shown here. I thought it was the hose but it was not. I bought the seal online for $25. I used the hammer and screwdriver method to spin the lock ring off. Notice were the grove is before taking it off.It took some hard swings.You can buy a tool if you like. This is the part other poster missed. You don't have to pull the pump all the way out. Lift it up 3 inches and pull the old ring over top. The plugs on to will have to be removed but you don't need to unplug all the hoses inside. Slide the new one over the top. When you get it lined up the pump should go back down into the same place it came out of. Don't spin it. The lock ring will be tight you have a rounded gasket going in where the flat one was. I needed help here. Someone must push on the top of the pump so the lock ring will go on. While pushing down tap the ring to tighten. Don't stop until the ring lines up no white should be showing on slots of ring. The ring has a grove where it should stop. Keep some rags handy a little gas may come out. Don't drain it or turn it on to get the gas out of the lines this is a waist of time. You are not removing the pump if you do don't unplug any hoses underneath and you should be fine.  I had little gas spillage a rag was good enough. You can put a baggy or something on the loose hose while you work.

Ring was pinched at the bottom. I have no idea how it lasted 120,000 before it leaked.

Don't take any bottom hoses off slip it over the top

2005 Chrysler 300c a Charger and Magnum work the same way. Other years also work this way. 2009 2008 2007 2006

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  1. This is one of our better tips. You have to put something good out so people will stop by the blog.

  2. Great Help. Thank you. The manual also said to use a brass punch to drive the collar off. It took forever and wouldn't go back on that way. Final solution was much easier: put a pair of channel locks on either side of the collar and the locking tabs. My son and I put it on that way in 5 seconds flat.


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