Saturday, February 16, 2013

$285 motor furnace repair

Not all motors are the same. This was old but a standard size and speed. It was in a basement not a crawl. It had an easy bracket on it. The easier the job the cheaper it is. Labor time adds to the cost. A bigger horse power motor will cost more. Aaac service did this on a Sunday at noon in Locust grove Ga. Henry county if you have technician from another company trying to sell a $400 motor call us. If you have the hp and rpm speed we can get you an estimate over the phone. Over the phone estimates are only good if s technician has told you that a new motor is needed. If it has not been diagnosed by servicemen don't guess. You will need a service call. You maybe able to pay the other companies service call and still save $100 with our motor. Ever case is different call before you spend to much on a motor. Aaac service heating and air Aaac service heating and cooling 7708754113 in Henry county Ga.


  1. Heating and cooling repairs on residential furnaces and air conditioners

  2. I have no idea what that thing ,in the advertisement at the top, is


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