Monday, February 25, 2013

Darn furnace wouldn't start I fixed it

This old furnace is 20 years old. Darn thing won't come on. I found the pilot light out. It would not stay lit. I had to replace the thermo coupler. This furnace is old and rusty. I told the home owner not to run it without a carbon monoxide detector in the house. It runs slow and barely moves. Air its time for a new one. I know as long as it works they wont replace it. The thing is the furnace is not efficient any more and its dangerous. No high pressure sell from Aaac service heating and air. We tell you what we see and you make the call. If this darn thing needs a motor or fan control I would not put that much money into it. This furnace did out last the installers. The sticker on it with their number doesn't work. Its no longer in service. If I lived here this furnace would go now and the air conditioner would go this spring. I can keep the darn thing going but a new one will be safer and work a lot better. If you have a 20 year old system use your tax return and get a new system. If you don't know the age its most likely over 15 if it had a pilot

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