Thursday, February 28, 2013

Had this furnace installed 4 hrs after first call

They called us @ 9:00 . Aaac service diagnosed their 23 year old furnace with a bad board. The board was $300 and the furnace was rusty. It made sense to replace it. By 10:30 Aaac service was at Lennox picking up the new furnace. 11:40 arrived back at the customers house. 12:50 the new furnace was on and running. 1:00 cleaned up done. We don't pressure you into buying a new furnace. It was a good decision by the home owner. A 23 year old furnace is inefficient and dangerous. The motor has never been changed at 23 it will go soon. Those motors are $300
. The old furnace could have the domino effect. All the major parts are due to break soon. We can replace your furnace fast at a great price. Aaac service heating and air McDonough 7708754113 & Aaac service heating Fayetteville 4049525410


  1. It may cost to much to fix your old air conditioner even if it is just the coil. Freon has doubled in price and will do it again in July.It will never be cheaper to buy or fix your air conditioner then right now. Air conditioner repair in Henry county Ga call Aaac service heating and air today. Mcdonough Stockbridge Locust grove Ga heating and cooling repair Saturday and Sunday available.

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