Monday, March 11, 2013

How to you know it is time to replace your furnace

  • Is your system 13  years old or older? some last 20 years if maintained but are they safe/efficient? 
  • Does it require frequent repairs?Domino effect one part makes another weak 
  • Does it fail to heat or cool certain areas of your home? The motor may be getting weak
  • Does it run excessively? It is not heating/cooling good enough may be to small or old to do the job right
  • Or, does it constantly turn on and off? There is a problem with limit,air flow or circuit board
  • Is the repair cost over $300 you can bet another part will go soon add the 2nd repair  and you're well on your way to the cost of replacement
  • Rust on the coil or furnace / rust on the heat exchanger can be dangerous if it makes a hole

This is over 20 years old. I can keep it working but I would suggest replacing it. The pilot keeps going out. The pilot wastes gas when the heat is off it still runs. Open flame is dangerous.Rust on the burners could mean trouble for the heat exchanger. The blower motor is slow and moves little air.It smells from 20 years of use.
 I know you're thinking he just wants to get paid for a new furnace. Well I make a service call here once or twice a year. This is a cash cow giving out money. I'll be glad to fix it again and again. You can't fix the parts that are not broken yet. Replacement is the only guaranty you won't see me next year.

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