Saturday, March 2, 2013

Old furnace is bad please buy a new one

This furnace is 24 years old. That is not the problem. It is rusty and covered in dirt. One of the limit switches has been bypassed. The flu is rusted and not connected. The coil is so dirty it is slowing down the air flow. The run cap for the motor was weak. The filter was a solid sheet of dirt. Some of these are easy fixes but put them all together its time for a new one. There is so much dust under here I suggest putting down plastic. I would not start this furnace ever. I got it running today. I told the owner to buy a carbon monoxide detector asap. Replace this now.

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  1. Just because I can get it to start doesn't mean it should. I can't force people to make the right choice. I told him I would not turn it on.


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