Sunday, April 21, 2013

2003 - 2009 Chevy Silverado oil sending unit replaced

 .  I got a new one at Auto zone for $39. I had to buy a new 1 1/16 " deep socket.You will need an extension and that swivel piece for your ratchet.
The cover on the top of the engine had to come off. Only 1 bolt holds it on. The oil pressure switch is behind  every thing on the right side. Check pictures. The wires have a clip that holds them on. I had to put my head on the hood section and reach one hand around the left side and the other around the right. I could not see the switch the hole time it was in. I got a picture with my phone of the socket it was in. I had to put tissue in the deep socket so the threads would show out the end. I used thread tape to help seal the new switch.  It was hard getting to it both hands are cut. I had a hard time getting the wire harness to clip my hand wouldn't bend that way and push it over the clip.   .  Here are some pictures good luck.

high pressure 2003 chevy silverado . Oil pressure over 80 psi.  What should my oil pressure be. How do I change my oil pressure switch on my truck. Oil sending unit has gone bad. Where is my oil sending unit located on my silverado? Do it myself oil switch repair. 2004 Chevy 2005 Silverado,2006 truck,2007 Chevy silverado, 2008 and 2009 Silverado oil pressure sending unit.


  1. Some one with small hands would have an easier time replacing this. You have to climb on the engine there is no other way. Be sure its cool.

  2. I had to stop and stretch between steps it was a tight spot. Do not rush you will get frustrated.


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