Thursday, April 4, 2013

A large company won't try to fix this a/c

A large company won't try to fix this problem. We recommend replacing it but I'm willing to try to fix it if you pay for the repair. This is a broken cap tupe on the txv. A new txv is $250 in labor and $500 to re fill the Freon. On a 15 year old a/c its the end. I was able to solder this back on. It was near impossible and there is no guarantee it will last. The owner asked us to try and make it last until he could save money for replacement. Its ghost olding Freon and cooling now. It was a high cost repair with a lot of risk of failure. No high pressure sell here. We do what you want. The owner took a risk of paying for a repair that might not work. Its cooling great. Good luck this summer it might make it.


  1. It may cost to much to fix your old air conditioner even if it is just the coil. Freon has doubled in price and will do it again in July.It will never be cheaper to buy or fix your air conditioner then right now. Air conditioner repair in Henry county Ga call Aaac service heating and air today. Mcdonough Stockbridge Locust grove Ga heating and cooling repair Saturday and Sunday available.

  2. Air conditioner frozen? Turn it off it needs to melt before we can work on it. It takes several hours to melt so don't wait until we get there. Is your a/c running but you have no cold air/ It may be low on Freon or the compressor is not on the fan is the only thing running. We can help. Call Aaac service heating and air Near Mcdonough 7708754113.


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