Monday, May 13, 2013

Aaac Service Heating and Air open late

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Aaac service heating and air 7708754113 is open late. You should not call late if you want same day service. The phone is on but we are most likely on a call already. If we are available we can come out late but that time is usually taken by the early caller. Calling late to schedule the next days work is a good idea. Open 8-5pm with $65 service calls. 5pm - 8pm we have an after hours rate of $85 a service call. Spring checkups are available until 5 pm. Open Saturday and Sunday.Furnace and air conditioner replacements can be done on weekends if you schedule in advance. Find us on Yahoo here.We service residential Air conditioners all brands in Henry county Ga.
I'm going to put a bunch of Keywords down here so you can stop reading now.
Keywords:air conditioner repair Mcdonough heating and cooling Locust grove a/c repair Stockbridge Furnace and air conditioner sale replacement installation Megan Fox news My air conditioner won't start the air conditioner is not cooling. The fan won't come on My a/c is buzzing. I need a fan motor. I need Freon how much is R22? I have a leak in my coil find my leak how often should I add Freon. How often should I change my filter. Henry county heating and air Jonesboro. Lennox Amana Ducane Bryant Carrier Rheem Ruud Air Temp Air Flo Weather King Comfort maker the inside is blowing but its not cooling. The outside unit is not coming on. There is ice on my air conditioning lines. The breaker keeps tripping. The breaker won't reset. When I hold the breaker it starts to burn.I need a new air conditioner any on sale. Should I buy a new a/c.Sometimes when I ramble on the search engines pick up my blog more. That one time I Said Bla bla bla every few bla words it made it to the bla bla first page. Are you kidding. I need to leave the office now I have a call. I can fix your a/c fast just call. P.s. If you are that guy that didn't pay last year do you really think I'm coming back. Your calls are going strait to voice mail. I marked your number in my phone. 
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That guy that didn't pay the full service call, and had no money or credit for the part he needed, keeps calling. I keep prices low but I still need to eat. stop calling if you owe us money. I remember him well. I came out on a Saturday at no extra charge. He needed a $80 part. When I told him he had no way to buy it. I had a used part that fit so trying to help I gave it to him free.When I gave him the bill for the $65 service call he didn't have the money no check or credit card. He knew from the get go he was not paying me. I try to help people and this is what happens. Do not ask for used parts it was just a coincidence that one was in my bag. We try not to carry used parts. I did have the new part in stock he couldn't buy it. You know he didn't even try to make good by sending a few bucks here and there. If your a/c is broken you are most likely going to need a part. I have low prices but I can't give any one parts free.I had to drive over there so his call cost me money.

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