Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Bought total spectum lights

I bought these total spectrum lights to combat the winter blues. They are suppose to trick your brain so daylight savings time doesn't suck as much. They are real bright . You can tell the difference. Oneroom is bright white . The room with the old lights looks yellow. I never noticed this. The light looks like the energy saver type but they are not. They do save money and use the full spectrum. They seem ok. They are a lot bigger than a regular light. They fit the same socket but hang out of the globe. A lamp with a shade will not work. Mine are 15' in the air nobody every looks up. The reviews I read said there was a hum. I hear nothing. No buzzing here. Wife wants more now. Bought them on @Amazon . I did have one stop working after one day. They replaced it I noticed it had a rattle when I put it in. It might have been shaken during shipping. #Mcdonough #Furnace #fullspectrum #light #winter blues

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