Sunday, March 9, 2014

10 things to check when you have the HVAC system tuned up

It is recommended to tune up your HVAC unit at least twice a year. This is usually done in the spring and in the fall. Periodic maintenance of the HVAC system can help keep it running at peak performance and efficiency. A system that is well maintained can also help you to avoid any inconvenient and untimely breakdowns. We can always come to inspect the system for you. That way, you can ensure the system will work properly when you will need it.
Check the Thermostat Settings
To ensure the HVAC unit can heat and cool your home effectively, make sure the thermostat is set for the most optimal temperature. Homes that are larger may need to have more than one thermostat. If you have more than one thermostat in your home, make sure you check all of them to ensure they working properly. Also make sure that the thermostat is set for the most efficient cooling or heating temperature for your home, this can help save on monthly energy bills.
Check all of the electrical connections
While inspecting the system, make sure the electric connections are not overlooked. These connections should be checked regularly, and tightened if they are loose. Any electrical connection that is loose may result in your HVAC system being less efficient or failing.
Lubricate the moving parts if needed
Lubricating and oiling the moving parts of the HVAC system can help to prolong the life of it. Parts that are not lubricated may wear out faster. This can result in a breakdown or higher repair bill.
The condensation drain should be inspected
The condensation drain routes the water vapor that is produced from the HVAC unit outside the home. A clogged drain can lead to internal water damage in your home. Poor draining can also interfere with the functioning of the HVAC unit. By making sure the drain is not clogged or running slowly, you can help the HVAC system run efficiently.
Check the system controls
When checking the system’s controls, make sure to run it through at least one operating cycle. This can help ensure that the system controls are functioning properly and effectively. If you notice any issues with it, we can inspect it for what the issue may be.
Clean the air conditioner evaporating coils
The evaporator coils are what help cool your home. Dirty coils can reduce the efficiency of it. Even in the fall, make sure the coils are cleaned off so the dirt and debris does not harden on them.
Inspect the refrigerant level in the unit
Too much or too little refrigerant amount in the cooling system can greatly affect the performance. With a tune up in the fall, make sure the refrigerant has the proper amount.
Clean and adjust the blower parts
The blower is what circulates the warm or cool air into your home from the HVAC system. Any airflow issue can reduce the efficiency by up to fifteen percent. It is critical to make sure the blower is clean and functioning properly.
Check the heating components of the system
Inspect the gas or oil connections, gas pressure, heat exchanger, and burner combustion chamber for the HVAC system. This way, you can ensure they are all working properly and efficiently for. This can help to prevent a fire or safety hazard in your home.
Check for carbon monoxide
While checking the overall HVAC system, also test for any carbon monoxide in the home. The can be dangerous to your health, so it is always important to test for it regularly.


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