Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Henry county sediment traps have been flagged by the gas company

 The new gas codes have left many people in the cold. If the gas company sees your sediment trap is not up to code they will flag and turn off the furnace. Aaac service heating and air has the traps on the truck and can get your gas back on today. The gas company knows gas so if they say fix it get it fixed. No short cuts. If you have been flagged for any reason on your furnace we can help.The sediment traps have been about $100 to $125 total labor and parts to get up to code.2 furnaces in one house average $155 to $185. These are averages not quotes some may need more or less work.
Is it safe to ignore the Gas company? I would never ignore them their job is gas so get it up to code. Mcdonough Locust grove Hampton Stockbridge and all of Henry county Aaac service heating and air hvac furnace repair can help today.


  1. It is estimated that that furnice repair is thought about eight times every day by the easily lead, who just don't like that sort of thing. At the heart of the subject are a number of key factors. I plan to examine each of these factors in detail and asses their importance. Here are perfect opportunities at very reasonable and cheap prices. You can get our service of furnice repair your lovelies. You can get furnice service. Here is avail air conditioner service and can air conditioner repair. HVAC Installation, Commercial HVAC and HVAC Repair at very cheap rate and with high quality.


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