Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Changing the thermostat is not a fix all

 Aaac service heating and air finds a lot of thermostat hooked up wrong by do it your self people. 
After we fix the thermostat we have to find the original problem. Save a step and call a repairman. If you think you have a bad thermostat check the batteries first. If you are changing to a programmable one be sure to read the instructions to connect it right. Buy the right one for your system. A heat pump stat in Ga needs an emergency backup switch next to cool/heat. Know the difference between energizing O and energizing B. If not call for service. We recommend White Rogers or Breaburn thermostats. You buy that NEST and you are on your own. We won't spend all day hooking up your wi fi . #furnace #repair #mcdonough #heating #residential

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