Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Ants are trying to hide in your air conditioner

Ants are looking for a place to get out of the rain don't let them nest in your air conditioner. Put ant killer granules around your a/c. Trim back grass and weeds. Ants can cause hundreds of dollars in damage to an air conditioner, Got leaves inside? remove those too. If an ant dies on your contactor his friends will go get him and short it out.Spiders are just as bad. If your a/c is not working in Henry county Ga call Aaac service heating and air. Time for a bunch of tags have a nice day#happy #airconditioner #repair   #ant   #mcdonoughga   #stockbridge  #local#locust grove +Aaac Service Heating and cooling +AAAC4SERVICE +Rod Daly +Aaac Service Heating and Air 


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  1. Very nice post! I didn’t know that ants can hide in the air conditioner too. I am just going to hire a good pest and Termite inspection Port Macquarie company. I’ll definitely ask them to check my air conditioner too!


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