Clean the screen on your water faucets

You need to get a pair of pliers and go to your sinks. There is a screen where the water comes out. Remove it and clean it and put it back. This screen traps small stuff like sand ,rust or plumbers putty. If you never cleaned it you should. The city works on the water lines all the time and dirt gets in the water. Old water heaters may let stuff into the water .Sometimes stuff grows on the screen. Some of you will be disgusted with what you find. Some people wont find a thing but its good to check all sinks. I found this on line it should help.

An aerator screws onto the end of a faucet. It mixes water and air for a smooth flow and minimizes splashing. Tiny particles caught in an aerator's screens reduce the water flow. The solution usually is simple: Unscrew and take apart the aerator, flush the particles out of the screens, reassemble and screw the aerator back on.
If aerators clog regularly your water system may be at fault. If your home has old galvanized steel pipes, particles are probably flaking off the inside of the pipes and may need to be flushed. If your home has copper supply pipes, the problem may be that the water delivered by the utility company is impure; try installing a water filter.
If water flows slowly into a washing machine, shut off the stop valves and unscrew the hoses. You'll find a screen at the end of the hose; if it is blocked with particles, clean it out.

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  1. Yuk I didn't post what I found in my bathroom screen It was gross and I didn't want people to see what I was brushing my teeth with


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