Thursday, February 28, 2013

Had this furnace installed 4 hrs after first call

They called us @ 9:00 . Aaac service diagnosed their 23 year old furnace with a bad board. The board was $300 and the furnace was rusty. It made sense to replace it. By 10:30 Aaac service was at Lennox picking up the new furnace. 11:40 arrived back at the customers house. 12:50 the new furnace was on and running. 1:00 cleaned up done. We don't pressure you into buying a new furnace. It was a good decision by the home owner. A 23 year old furnace is inefficient and dangerous. The motor has never been changed at 23 it will go soon. Those motors are $300
. The old furnace could have the domino effect. All the major parts are due to break soon. We can replace your furnace fast at a great price. Aaac service heating and air McDonough 7708754113 & Aaac service heating Fayetteville 4049525410

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Low prices on blower motor in Henry co

Aaac service heating and air has low prices on air conditioner and furnace motors. Our price start around $285. This includes service call labor and parts. Motor come in different sizes prices very. Call with horse power volts rmp and location for estimate. Aaac services Henrh county and Fayette county Ga. As a local company we are concerned about what ends up in the land fill. We recycle everything we can. Here we are taking all our old motors to be recycled. We try to be as earth friendly as possible. Our multi fit motor can go on Lennox Amana Payne Carrier Comfortmaker and many others. We service all brands. For A/c and furnace repair near Mcdonough Stockbridge and Locust grove Ga call Aaac service heating and air 7708754113 Aaac service heating and cooling McDonough is the same place. For repairs and replacements in Fayette county call Randy at Aaac service heating and air Fayetteville Ga 4049524510.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Darn furnace wouldn't start I fixed it

This old furnace is 20 years old. Darn thing won't come on. I found the pilot light out. It would not stay lit. I had to replace the thermo coupler. This furnace is old and rusty. I told the home owner not to run it without a carbon monoxide detector in the house. It runs slow and barely moves. Air its time for a new one. I know as long as it works they wont replace it. The thing is the furnace is not efficient any more and its dangerous. No high pressure sell from Aaac service heating and air. We tell you what we see and you make the call. If this darn thing needs a motor or fan control I would not put that much money into it. This furnace did out last the installers. The sticker on it with their number doesn't work. Its no longer in service. If I lived here this furnace would go now and the air conditioner would go this spring. I can keep the darn thing going but a new one will be safer and work a lot better. If you have a 20 year old system use your tax return and get a new system. If you don't know the age its most likely over 15 if it had a pilot

Saturday, February 23, 2013

This picture shows how this furnace died

This is the circuit board to a Comfortmaker residential gas furnace. It stopped working so Aaac service heating and air was called out to fix it. The board was bad and needed to be repkaced. There is a green line running down this board. The water from the air conditioner had been leaking on to it. This made the board weak and it finally failed. The bosrd could have shorted out last summer while it was wet but it didn't. It corroded the diodes and the slowly rotted away. This board was 20 years old and cost $260 to replace. Boards are not all the same price. A 20 year old furnace needing over $350 we recommend replacing it. The motor is 20 yesrs old and bad shape. It might need replacing soon. The heat exchanger has had the same drip on it and maybe rusted out. It is best to replace an old rust furnace instead of putting expensive parts on it. Aaac service heating and air Mcdonough Ga 7708754113

Friday, February 22, 2013

Corroded controls furnace repair

The coil has been lealing condensation down the front of this furnace for a long time. The green on the burners leads right to the control board. The control board was rusty and corroded. It stopped working. The condensation could have been stopped by adding insulation to the line. If the coil leaks from inside its risted threw and needs to be replaced. Aaac service heating and air fixed it. The board was an old one but we found it and had it repaired in 2 hours including drive time to get the new part.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

This will kill a 20 year old furnace

This filter has caused a lot of damage. Its dirty and puts a strain on everything. The motor will ovrr heat and shut down. The excess heat can burn out the board. A costly repair on a 20 year old furnace can mean its time for a new one. Aaac service heating and air McDonough 7708754113

No heat fixed it McDonough

This motor has gone bad. The furnace would turn on the flames would start. The fan never came on and set off the limit switch. Sometimes its the circuit board ti day it was the blower motor. This was a standard hourse power and in a good location. The total was $295. This includes the service call labir and part. Some motors are more. Location size and brand make a difference. Aaac service heating and cooling 7708754113 had this on and heating again in 1 hour after we got there.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

This motor was $325

Rhis blower motor was $325 . It had extra labor due to the extrs time needed to remove it and mount the nrw one. Some of our standard motors are as low as $285. Size and location play a part in prices. A higher house power will cost more. Aaac service heating and cooling 7708754113

Sunday, February 17, 2013

23Year old Tempstar air conditioner

This was still working after 23 years. It had a motor changed out a few years ago. The compressor ran ok and it had no leaks. It was using to much power and couldn't keep the house cool enough any more. The furnace was rusted and needed to be replaced. It made scence to change the complete system all at once. Aaac serice heating and air McDonough changed it out in one day.7708754113

This was 23 years old

We replaced this 23 year old furnace with a new AIRE FLO 70, 000 BTU furnace. It was $1190 . It needed a new filter rack and a minor repair to the duct. We also carry Lennox at a higher price. AAAC SERVICE heating and cooling in HENRY co 770875411

This caused a Sunday service call

The furnace went out last night. I found the blower motor red hot. It was trying to run but would not spin. This dirty filter killed the motor. We have this motor it was repaired in an hour. A ckean filter could have stopped this from happening. Aaac service heating and air 3027 Keeneland Blvd and Aaac service heating and cooling 257 Yardsley Dr Mcdonough are open Saturday Sunday after hour late 7days a week. For furnace and air conditioner repair in Stockbridge Locust grove Ga McDonough and all of Henry county.7708754113

Saturday, February 16, 2013

$285 motor furnace repair

Not all motors are the same. This was old but a standard size and speed. It was in a basement not a crawl. It had an easy bracket on it. The easier the job the cheaper it is. Labor time adds to the cost. A bigger horse power motor will cost more. Aaac service did this on a Sunday at noon in Locust grove Ga. Henry county if you have technician from another company trying to sell a $400 motor call us. If you have the hp and rpm speed we can get you an estimate over the phone. Over the phone estimates are only good if s technician has told you that a new motor is needed. If it has not been diagnosed by servicemen don't guess. You will need a service call. You maybe able to pay the other companies service call and still save $100 with our motor. Ever case is different call before you spend to much on a motor. Aaac service heating and air Aaac service heating and cooling 7708754113 in Henry county Ga.

This flower is early

This flower doesn't know its still winter. They are popping up all over today.
Stop and smell the flowers once in awhile. This was uploaded by phone. I took this while on a heating repair call. It was blooming by itself in the middle of the flower bed

What is that noise in my furnace

This carrier furnace has a rattle coming from the draft motor. I found this stuff inside. The old owners just lived with it for 10 YEARS. It was stuff that coukd only gotten in there when the furnace was installed. Sometimes the inside rusts out and that will make a noise. Aaac service heating and air 3027 Keeneland Blvd and Aaac heating and cooling 257 Yardsley Dr McDonough are local in Henry county. Open Saturday and Sunday . Furnace and residential air conditioner repair.

Installed this furnace today (Saturday)

 This furnace was installed today. It was a 70,000 btu furnace . This one needed no extra work and was $1159 to install. Call for current prices they change daily. We check the local Lennox distributor when you call to see if there is any specials. Aire flo by Lennox are often on sale. We can install Lennox merit and Amana distictions at a great price too. We are open for repairs on Sunday but for a Weekend change out you need to schedule it in advance. Aaac service heating and air Mcdonough 7708754113

Friday, February 15, 2013

Chain saw leaking oil bad

My chain saw was leaking the bar oil fast. It would be empty over night on the shelf. Oil was evry where. I found it leaking behind the chain underneath. The little silver ball was loose. I pushed it in until it poped in place. Don't force it in if its already in the right spit you will clogg it up. It works fine now. It was out to far . I'm sure in to far is not good either.

Air conditioner & furnace repair & replacement

We use Lennox and Anana furnaces and air conditioners for replacements. We also have a value series by Aire Flo that can save you hundreds. Locust grove Ga McDonough Stockbridge and all of Henry co heating and cooling repairs 7708754113. Aaac service heating and air 3027 Keeneland Blvd and 257 Yardsley Dr McDonough. Local hearing repair contractor open 7 days a week.7708754113 Air conditioner repairs in Fayette co 5 days a week. This # goes strait to the serviceman's cell 4049524510.

Furnace won't come on?

Aaac Service Heating and Air in McDonough | Aaac Service Heating and Air (770) 875-4113 & 3027 Keeneland Blvd, McDonough, GA 30252 | <Home & Garden/Plumbing, Heating, & Air/Heating> - Yahoo! US Local
The furnace tries to start but doesn't.
You need a serviceman there are to many things that can make a blower not come on. If it runs the heat cycle  and the blower doesn't work it could be a motor,circuit board or a run cap. Our serviceman can fix it fast

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Turn off power before opeing panel

We don't recommend trying to fix your heat pump yourself. There is 220V inside . If you do try pull out the breaker. 220V can kill. McDonough heating and air 7708754113 Up loaded by phone short and sweet.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

This blower wheel was so dirty it could not move enough air. I scrapped it off then had to take it out and hose it off. No air flow no heat.

This carrier air handler burned out its motor.McDonough heating and air

Friday, February 8, 2013

Heating and cooling

Aaac service heating and air3027 Keeneland blvd257 Yardsley DrMcdonough Ga 302537708754113
If you are getting a new furnace but you are keeping the coil. Be sure you get the coil cleaned while the furnace is out. At least get the big stuff brushed off. Inspect the pan for rust it is a good time to replace the coil if you find a problem. Aaac service heating and cooling 7708754113 is open 7 days a week for residential furnace repair or replacements
Furnace repair heating and cooling Mcdonough air conditioner repair. Locust grove Ga heating and air .Stockbridge furnace replacement.Furnace won't start,furnace won't lite,no pilot is making noise,fan is not on,fan won't tun off,air conditioner repair. Local 24 hr emergency service open 7 days a week. Residential furnace repair Saturday and Sunday. My air conditioner is on but its not cooling. My  furnace comes on and turns right back off. I need a new furnace.I need a new air conditioner. Henry county furnace sale. Henry county air conditioner sale. We sell Lenoxx and air flow brand systems.  All brands of a/c serviced. 

Heating and cooling locust grove ga

Aaac service heating and cooling Locust grove Ga 7708754114
The orange hose in upper right was dry rotten. It keeps turning off the furnace. Aaac service found this on a furnace repair in Stockbridge. After cleaning the motor and sensor the furnace works great. Aaac service heating and air MCdonough is local in Henry county. Serving all brands of residential furnaces. 7708754113

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Heating and cooling repair

This switch can go bad and keep your furnace from working. It can short out the board if it goes on and out over and over. The heating and cooling cycle need this switch to work right. If your furnace is not getting power shake the wire going to this. If it goes on you need a new switch. The side of these switches crack and the wire falls out. Use the screws on the side when replacing the switch. For furnace repair in Henry county call Aaac service heating and cooling 7708754113

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Monday, February 4, 2013

R22 pressure chart for Lennox heat pump

This is a useful chart to have. It shows what pressures are suggested to be at at different temperatures. It will also work for air conditioners if you use the top half. If your a/c is old or dirty these pressures won't be exact but close enough. This is for R22 freon units only. For furance repairs or residential air conditioner repair call Aaac service heating and air Mcdonough . Serving Locust grove Stockbridge and all of Henry county Ga. We have low prices on furnace replacements. We use Air flow Lennox Amana and Goodman furnaces for change outs. We service all brands of residential gas furnaces.
 What pressure should my heat pump run on. Mcdonough furnace repair Henry county heating and cooling. in the cooling mode what should my a/c pressure be? 

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Open Saturday & Sunday Henry county furnace repair

Aaac service Heating and air
3027 Keeneland blvd
257 Yardsley
Mcdonough Ga 30252
 and Fayette county
170 Medford dr
Fayetteville Ga 30215

Open Saturday & Sunday for Residential gas furnace repair in Henry county. Local Mcdonough company Locust Grove and Stockbridge we can be there fast. Don't go without heat until Monday call us now.

Furnace & Air conditioner repair