Wednesday, April 30, 2014

1986 Ruud Air conditioner


Craked top on Air Conditioner

Can ruin your day

Monday, April 7, 2014

Evergreen tree fungus

This makes spots on fruit later in its life

Air conditioner coils leak here

They sit in water all Summer. The metal rusts and cuts into the copper. The botom right corner is where the leaks are found most. You can't solder rust.Time for a new coil. Never put additives into the system to block the leak. You will damage the compressor. Aaac service heating and air in McDonough & a serviceman in Fayetteville Ga 4049574510

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Furnace missing parts

I found this at customer's house. It is missing pilot light assembly. All the screws and hardware needed to hold the pilot in. No heat here. Its about $350 for hardware needed. They need to call the handyman to bring it back. Then I can see what else it needs. Aaac service heating and air in McDonough Ga 7708754113 Rod outa here

Why bother replacing it

If you can't hang it back it will short out. Found it today.

Thermostat keep changing temp by itself

Well you may have low bateries or,,,,. This one is a progrmable thermostat. It resets back to factwsetting when ever yhe program time arives. You need to set the temperature and push hold to override. The best way to fix this is program it correctly for the time and temperature you want. If all else fails put a non programable thermostat in its place. Some don't require bateries but they help to keep the program set in case of piwer outages. Aaac service heating and air in McDonough Ga 7708754113 hala

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

7 Spring air conditioner tips - McDonough, GA 30253 - PennySaverUSA

Spring air conditioner tips - McDonough, GA 30253 - PennySaverUSA

Clear the leave off your air conditioner.Put out bug killer granules to keep them out of the a/c.  Keep grass and bushes 18" from the a/c it needs to breath. Never take the top or panel off with the power on. Change your filter. A dirty filter will ice up the coil and damage your motor.Be sure the drain is clear. For Air conditioner repair in Henry county Ga Mcdonough Stockbridge Locust grove call Aaac service heating and air 7708754113. 3027 Keeneland Blvd and 257 Yardsley Dr Mcdonough no work done at these locations call for service. Residential furnace and a/c repairs and replacements.

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