Henry county thinking of selling your house? I offer a free market analysis. Email your address to RMD2000DSD@AOL.COM to get started.
237 Ferguson Ave Locust Grove is now under contract, list price was $129k
406 Banks Rd Fayetteville has just sold $144k
          Rod Daly
                                               Elliott Real Estate&Land LLC 
 We elevate the home buying and selling experience for our clients with our innovative strategies. We believe it is more than a home. It is your life.
 ?  Listings found for you sent to you,the types of houses you like, in the areas you want to live in.
?  Custom tours, planned and chauffeured by the Buyers Agent. If you want, you can drive yourself and follow your agent so that you can talk over the houses privately between showings.
?  Someone to explain the whole process to you, from making the offer to getting the deal closed.
?  Someone to help you understand what you must do to protect yourself in a real estate transaction so you don?t end up with a crappy house that you paid too much for.
?  Someone to buffer you from pushy Sellers, pushy Listing Agents and anyone else who is not obligated to look out for your best interests.
?  A highly qualified negotiator to get you the best terms for the house you want.
?  And, and this is a big one . . . someone who can pull together all of the information about what other houses are selling for like the one you want to buy so you don?t pay too much, or get into a contract that can?t close because the house isn?t worth what the Sellers want for it
  Elliott has a proven approach to the sales and marketing of residential homes. We offer sellers unmatched experience, research, knowledge, marketing, and sales acumen to obtain the best possible result,the highest price in the shortest amount of time. Elliott's listing agents are skilled in pricing,marketing and negotiating. They are also caring professionals who can ease your anxiety and guide you to a successful outcome.
From preparing your home for sale to handing the keys to the new buyer, Elliott Real Estate & Land LLC's  listing agents will be with you every step of the way.We are committed to an integrated marketing program for every home. This means that your home is marketed through all channels online, social media, print, direct, and advertising. We work hard to leverage new and proven marketing techniques and strategies.