Monday, May 7, 2012

Your ac and ants

Ants love these things. These buzz and attract ants when one gets fried his friends go in after him. Next thing you know you are buying a new contactor. Put bug killer around your air conditioner to help keep them out. This one has a cover, it might slow them down. Aaac service heating and air Mcdonough 7708754113 , Aaac service heating and air Fayetteville Ga 4049524510


  1. A competent air conditioning repair contractor can make sure a home's service is running efficiently and properly. The choice can mean the difference between having a comfortable, energy-efficient home and one that is plagued with heating and cooling problems. This blog discusses five helpful tips for hiring an air conditioning repair contractor.

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  2. On the first days of summer when the air conditioner is turned on and no cool air comes out, you know you have a problem again. This a problem that might have happened last year or the previous year before and now you know it is time for a freon recharge.

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    1. Air conditioner frozen? Turn it off it needs to melt before we can work on it. It takes several hours to melt so don't wait until we get there. Is your a/c running but you have no cold air/ It may be low on Freon or the compressor is not on the fan is the only thing running. We can help. Call Aaac service heating and air Near Mcdonough 7708754113.

  3. ants love these things


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