Sunday, June 17, 2012

Air conditioner tip a/c repair 7708754113

Ok I told you about filters every month and ant killer around the air conditioner. Now here is onr no one does. Most drains has a tee in the pvc pipe near the furnace. Add bleach a few times a year to keep your drain clear. Don't bury the out side pipe it will get clogged. I you don't have a tee buy one at lowes. Get glue and pvc cutters they don't cost as much as a water leak coming threw the ceiling. Cut the pvc about a foot from the furnace it should be after any traps that are installed. Tee should face up add a short peace of pvc, usually there is a piece laying near the furnace or use the part you cut out for the tee. For air conditioner repairs near Mcdonough locust grove ga stockbridge and all of Henry county Aaac service is open 7 days a week. 7708754113 After hours maybe available. Open SATURDAY & SUNDAY.

I don't mind them selling things on my page as long as it gets me noticed. I would tell them to post air conditioner ads but then I would be advertizing my competition. These ads may work out for some one. They might want to thank their significant other for paying me to fix the a/c.LOL

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  1. This is a dirty coil the dust and stuff on it get into your pvc drain pipe. Clean your drain regularly with bleach. Be sure the drain isn't watering your favorite plant. Add water out side to dilute the bleach. Aaac service heating & air Mcdonough Ga 7708754113


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