Saturday, June 16, 2012

coil replacement air conditioner repair 7708754113

Saturday is a great time to get your coil replaced. You have to schedule it in advance. Coil replacements in attics should be scheduled for early in the morning be fore it gets to hot. If you air conditioner is frozen turn it off and leave it off we can't work on a frozen a/c. Its not cooling the house you are wasting power.The longer its off the better. The pan needs time for the water to drain out and dry up. We have to take the old coil out and if its wet it may leak.Henry county  Aaac service heating and air conditioner repair is open today call

Aaac Service Heating and air
3027 Keeneland blvd
Mcdonough, GA. 30252

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Open Saturday and Sunday 8am-8pm
Heating and air conditioner contractor Mcdonough Ga.
Furnace and air conditioner repair localy in Henry county.
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Our second location: Aaac service heating and air 257 Yardsley dr Mcdonough Ga 30253

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  1. Open Saturday and Sundays open until 5pm with after hours emergency repair available until 8pm at a higher rate. If you need to schedule work for the next day the phone is on late. AAAC SERVICE HEATING AND AIR CONDITIONER REPAIR MCDONOUGH 7708754113

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