Thursday, August 16, 2012

Ice on unit a/c repair 7708754113

Ice on the unit doesn't always mean you are low on freon. This furnace's blower motor was bad. The motor didn't come on to move the air across the coil so the coil froze. You may see a little ice on the line. What you don't see is the block of ice inside the coil. If you have ice on the line turn off the system. You are not getting any cool air. You may damage other parts by letting it run. We can't work on a frozen air conditioner do not turn it on until we arrive. We keep the parts on the truck to get you fixed fast. Air conditioner repair near Mcdonough. Furnace repair and replacement in Henry county. We are local Stockbridge and Locust grove ga we can be there today. Aaac service heating and air 3027 Keeneland blvd Mcdonough Ga 30253 7708754113. DRY UNITS available if you need a r22 air conditioner we can install it fast. Open Saturday and Sunday


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    1. Air conditioner frozen? Turn it off it needs to melt before we can work on it. It takes several hours to melt so don't wait until we get there. Is your a/c running but you have no cold air/ It may be low on Freon or the compressor is not on the fan is the only thing running. We can help. Call Aaac service heating and air Near Mcdonough 7708754113.


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