Monday, December 9, 2013

Not watching football,working Sundays Furnace repair Henry county

Well that did it. Worst Sunday football ever. I'm done for the season. I will be available for furnace repair
on weekends at no extra charge. Mcdonough if your furnace tries to start but can't, don't miss a field
goal that will win the game. Stockbridge if your pilot won't stay lit, don't hold a receiver so the get better
field  position. Locust grove if your quarter back hits you in the chest with the ball over and over again
catch the ball. Your furnace won't fix itself do not wait until its to cold call Aaac service heating and air
 Mcdonough 7708754113. I will be available in Henry county for residential furnace repair. Hampton why is
 it cold and wet here everybody up north got snow. Where is my snow? I understand weather so don't
 try explaining it. I'm just saying I would like some snow in Henry county Ga. I have extra thick gloves and
 a thick jacket that I only wore once in countless years. But wait I digress. Jonesboro I know the season
 was pretty much over but It looked liked they were going to win then zip boom pow ... nope. Then i'm
 watching the end of another game with 4 seconds left. Was it a touch down? Did he step out.  I can't tell
 you the NFL couldn't wait 4 seconds before they cut away to another game. Jackson if your furnace
 never tries to start check the power and call for repair. You know I really didn't care who won that game but I watched the score change 4 times in 2 minutes. I kinda got interested. Ellenwood you are only a few
minutes away I can be there today if you call now. Then the start of the other game looked like it was
going to be a crummy one. They kept taking away touch downs from P M.  10 minutes in the announce
 that previous games touch down was good. NFL how about a split screen next time.   The kids figured
out how to watch two cartoons at once what is your problem. You know what I don't even like football.
 Don't we have Hokey here? Nope just noticed they are gone. I never would watch that any way. For
 heating and cooling repairs 7 days a week call Aaac service heating and air. I won't put up a screen
shot I didn't want to ask the NFL for permission. One more thing. if your furnace is making a loud noise
turn it off.   @aaacservice #football #Mcdonough #furnace #repair #Stockbridge #heating #repairman #residential #henryco #bas

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